German courses in Germany – learn German in Germany – find language schools

Find the best German language schools in Germany. Learn German in Germany: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Bremen, etc. German courses from 279 € per month.
Would you like to learn German, not in your home country, but in Germany, to get to know the culture, the different landscapes and some traditional peculiarities? Welcome to good old Germany!

We would like to introduce you the most important information that you need before and after you come to Germany, so that you can enjoy your stay. We hope that this will make your life and learning in Germany easier.

German Courses in Germany

Important information before and after you enter Germany

Information, recommendations, important addresses and everything you need to know before and after your arrival in Germany, we have consolidated all these on this page. We answer the other questions as below:

How do I get a visa for Germany?

Where can I find a language school for German?

How do I open an account in Germany?

How do I test my German language skills?

How much does a German course cost?

How do I find accommodation in Germany?


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German courses in Germany – Which German course suits me?

Everyday life and German language learning in Germany could be complicated for newcomers from abroad. Trifles may become big problems when important information is missing. That is why we have listed German courses in Germany for you, which you could visit as needed:

German intensive courses

German private lessons

German course with accommodation in Germany

How good is my German? Free Online German Tests

How do I find the right German language school in Germany?

There are countless language schools in Germany specializing in German language courses. Then how can you recognize which language school optimally supports your goals? Please do pay attention to course selection and subdivision of learning levels according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In addition, good language schools offer free services such as a free trial lesson, non-binding classification, parking facilities, central location, money back guarantee and qualified native speakers as lecturers and others. Here you will find a list of language schools in Germany.

Before you enter and start your German course

If you would like to attend a German course in Germany, you should pay particular attention to different points. These include the entry requirements, if necessary a visa requirement, a proof of financing, a blocked account as well as a continuous protection through health insurance.

Apply for a visa for your German course in Germany

Would you like to learn German in Germany and therefore need a visa? Here, the language school Aktiv is happy to help you apply for a visa for your stay in Germany. With our recognized German language courses, there is certainly no problem to get a visa to learn German.

If your country has a visa requirement, you should apply for it at least 3 months before starting your German course, as the processing time can be very long. If you need a Schengen visa, it is important to know that it is only valid for 90 days and cannot be renewed in Germany. For more information regarding entry requirements and download of the appropriate forms, the website of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany is at your disposal:

The following link gives you an example of how language schools can actively assist you in applying for a visa:

German language schools in Germany - learn German in Germany

Learn German with compulsory health insurance for Germany

Does your health insurance cover also Germany? Ask your insurance company before you arrive! If not, you have different options. For example, Insurance Care Concept offers health insurance for € 26 per month. Remember: Health insurance is compulsory for people learning German in Germany.

Blocked account in Germany – important information

As a foreign student or as a participant in a German course in Germany, you must have the blocked account serving as proof of the financial resources. This proof of finance is a basic requirement to get a visa or a residence permit from the German Embassy. Blocked account in Germany – All information can be found here!

Learn German and work at the same time- Am I allowed to do so?

If you would like to work during the German course, you should get to know before you come to Germany such as whether you are allowed to work in Germany, which permit and which visa you need for this. This information is available in the German embassy, which is the closest to your place of residence. More interesting information regarding jobs for foreign students can be found here!

German courses in Germany with accommodation

If you choose the language school Aktiv in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, you will be supported to find a suitable accommodation in a student dorm, a shared apartment or a host family.

Participation and cancellation conditions for your German course

Read carefully the participation conditions of the language school that you are going to study in Germany! Take your time for the conditions of withdrawal, if you have to postpone your trip due to health reasons or delay of the visa issues! According to the terms and conditions, it could be that the language institute keeps part of the course costs as a processing fee. If you have paid for the whole year and the amount is around 6000 Euro, the fee can be up to 400 Euro.

Study in Germany

Do you want to study in Germany after your German course? Then you must first take an exam for the German language. Only if this exam is passed, you can start studying in the college or university. Find out here about “Studying in Germany“.

Helpful advice for a relaxed everyday life in Germany

Small obstacles can make everyday life much more difficult. How time-consuming and annoying it could be, if the cell phone does not work properly, the health insurance does not take effect or you booked accidentally the wrong German course. We have consolidated a checklist with all the information you need to prepare for your German course in Germany.

As a start, you can test your knowledge of politics, society and histories as well as cultural facts under the link The questions of the quiz are based on the naturalization test. However, this is not an official exercise for pre-German citizens. However, you can easily prepare for your German course in Germany.