German Courses Nuremberg

Learning German in Nuremberg – German Courses Nuremberg

Learn German in one of the most beautiful cities of Germany! The metropolis in Franconia has much more to offer than the Christmas Market. During the courses, you will have enough time to visit the picturesque old town or the medieval castle.

After our German courses, you will have the possibility to talk to the people of Nuremberg and you will feel as a part of them. Learning German in Nuremberg – effective and professional – your experienced and friendly language school in Nuremberg!

German Courses in Nuremberg with free trial lesson and entry-level test

Whatever it is your level of language knowledge and how much experience you have, we have the right course for you. The first lesson is a trial lesson. Is the course too easy or advanced for you? Can’t you really connect with the teacher for his or her teaching methods or attitude? After the first lesson, you are free to change the course. Before the course, you can check your level through our placement test in our School in Nuremberg or on-line. After the placement test you will be assigned to the right course.

Learning German in Nuremberg

German language school Nuremberg – German intensive Courses A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

Have you already studied German? Are you a beginner? We have the right course for you. You can improve effectively your German knowledge only if you attend the right course. Check your level with our free entry-level test.

We have the following courses: A1 (A1.1, A1.2), A2 (A2.1, A2.2), B1 (B1.1, B1.2), B2 (B2.1, B2.2), C1 and C2. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate, that certifies your new German knowledge.

German intensive Courses for beginners and advanced

Start dates and price of our German Courses

Duration: from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm or from 6 pm to 10 pm.
Start dates: On the first Monday of the month.

The price depends on the duration. You can book four weeks. If you are not sure, you can book less than four weeks.

  • 1 week Intensive course: 199 Euro
  • 2 weeks intensive course: 349 Euro
  • 3 weeks intensive course: 449 Euro
  • 1 month (4 weeks) intensive course: 499 Euro
  • If you book 2 or more months, 449 Euro / Month

The price is the same for the courses in the morning and in the evening.

KursbeginnTermine Uhrzeiten
August07.08.2023Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
September04.09.2023Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Oktober02.10.2023Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
November 30.10.2023Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Dezember27.11.2023Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Januar 202408.01.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Februar 202405.02.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
März 202404.03.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
April 202402.04.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Mai 202406.05.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Juni 202403.06.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Juli 202401.07.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
August 202405.08.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
September 202402.09.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Oktober 202430.09.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
November 202428.10.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
Dezember 202425.11.2024Montag bis Freitag9:00 bis 12:00
*Dauer:1 bis 4 Wochen

Start dates and price of our German Courses

Choose the most appropriate course for your needs

You can choose the most appropriate course for your needs. One kind of course is the Group course once a week. You can learn German with other people and in a pleasant atmosphere in our rooms in Nuremberg. Sometimes it is necessary to learn the language quickly. In this case, you can sign up for an Intensive course. Intensive courses are from Monday to Friday for three hours a day. You will progress very quickly. Semi-intensive courses are a little slower.

If you choose a private course, you don’t have to follow any plan. You can decide the schedule with your teacher

Brilliant German teachers

Our team has brilliant German teachers, who are qualified and eligible and create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for students. All the teachers are native speakers and have educational skills. The key to learn a new language is to have the courage to talk to Germans. Our teachers encourage students to speak and communicate in German during the lessons. They do a great job with our students and teach much more than just language.

Learn German in small groups

At Sprachschule Aktiv you will learn German in small groups. The crucial aspect is the number of participants: each group has no more than 10 members. In a small group, you can focus on the lesson and speak German as much as possible. The teacher can answer the questions of all the students.

Attending the course is for you without risks

Before attending the course, you can check your level through our placement test. That way, you will be sure you are attending the right course for you. If you have any doubts, you will get a free trial class. If after the first lesson you are not happy with the course or the teacher, we will refund your fee.

Our language school is easily accessible with the local public transports or by car

Our School is in Winklerstr, 12 in 90403 Nuremberg. It is in the city center of Nuremberg. The School is easily accessible with the local public transport or by car.

Not only language learning

Attending a German course in our school you will not only practice grammar and conversation, but also you will learn about German culture and way of life. For this reason, our teachers organize regular trips and other activities.