German course with lodging in Nuremberg

German course with lodging in Nuremburg

If you’d like to learn German in Nuremberg and are looking for suitable living accommodations, just ask us! We can offer you a variety of lodgings. But it is about more than just living arrangements, or even just occupying a room. Depending on the lodgings you choose, you can use what you have learned, outside of the classroom!

Living with a host family

If you would like make to quick progress, chose a host family. There you can retreat into your own room and study in peace and quiet. Your language success depends upon your contact with the host family. With them you can tour Nuremberg, and by conversing with them you will learn the German language quickly and efficiently. With a room at a host family you have many options.

Learning German in shared housing

Shared housing is similar to a host family. Opportunities for joint undertakings are not always as widely available as with a host family. But you will have more time to concentrate on your language. In the evening, members of a shared housing gather together; this allows you the opportunity practice your German. In shared housing you would generally be living with people of your age. Small children, unlike in host families, are not typically found in this type of housing.

Learning German – Finding Hotels in Nuremberg

We would love to help you find a hotel, though you will not have as many opportunities to use your German. You will have time to relax, go for a dip in the swimming pool, and enjoy the recreational facilities. If you like, we find you a hotel in the inner city. From there you can make trips to the old city, or to the interesting Nuremberg Castle. Around Christmas time, the Nuremberg Christkindlemarket is an absolute must!

Costs for a German course with housing

The costs of a German course with housing cannot be exactly determined. The expenses differ widely. We‘ll put forth every effort to ensure you get the best value for your money.

  • A 4 week German Intensive Course costs €499.
  • Housing in Nuremberg will run anywhere from €400 to €600.
  • A German course with housing costs anywhere from € 899 to € 1099.

If you want to book a German course with us and are also looking for a suitable housing, give us a call. Together we’ll surely find housing that suits you. Write us an e-mail or simply call. When you leave a message, please let us know what kind of housing you are looking for and how long you would like to stay in Nuremberg.

Optimal Language Course and Suitable Housing In Nuremberg

When you book a language course in our Sprachschule Aktiv in Nuremberg you gain twofold. You learn German in a modern language school with well educated teachers. And since you are, or will be living in the immediate vicinity of our school, you can concentrate on your education, uninterrupted by daily commuting. If you like to meet people, then staying with a host family is preferable. Staying in a hotel does not allow for as much language practice, though you can relax and enjoy the hotel amenities. Talk to one of our representatives about your wishes. We guarantee just the right school and accommodations for you!