About us – Our language school and language teachers in Nuremberg

Our language school and language teachers in Nuremberg

About us and who we are – Our language school and language teachers in Nuremberg introduce themselves. To learn a language is a considerably large project that will most likely succeed with a good partner.

We, from the Sprachschule Aktiv in Nuremberg possess years of experience in the field of teaching languages. Our school is located in the center of Nuremberg, a city that is well known, among many things, for its Christkindlemarket.

Courses Offered Are Comprehensive

We offer not only courses in popular languages, but also some of the lesser spoken languages. Whether you would like to learn Greek, Turkish or Japanese, with us you will find the right language and the appropriate course! The classic form of teaching is the group session, taught once a week. If you would like to learn the language faster – or have to – then it is better to pick an Intensive Course. With each course we are careful to teach in small groups. First and foremost, learning should be fun. During your lessons you will get to know many like-minded people. Quite often friendships develop that continue beyond the course. Should you wish for especially intensive mentoring, you might be compelled to opt for one-on-one lessons with one of our experienced tutors.

Our teachers are native speakers and highly motivated

Our teachers are native speakers and highly motivated in Nuremberg

When choosing teachers for our school in Nuremberg, we opt for native speakers. Only in this way, can you learn correct pronunciation. But that’s not all. Teachers at our school must be especially friendly and easily able to relate to the students.

Only then you will enjoy school. Of course he or she will conduct lessons after commonly accepted didactic concepts. Lessons will be demanding, but inspiring at the same time!

Our Language School is a place where cultures meet

Learning a language means being immersed in a different culture. Therefore, it is our teachers task not only to bring the language closer to you, but the culture as well. In addition to teaching a language, our teachers also organize regular meetings and trips in Nuremberg. This way you get to know your fellow students better and friendships emerge.

Money-Back Guarantee

When you participate in our language courses, you are safeguarded in several ways. First of all, it is important that you take the right course. If you already have prior knowledge in your chosen language, it is best you take the entry-level test that allows us to target more specifically those areas of language deficiency that need the most improvement. Testing is available online, from the comfort of your own home. Based on the results, our representatives can enroll you in a course that is appropriate for you. Or opt for the free trial lesson and try us out if we haven’t convinced you, we guarantee your money back. Of course, you will receive a statement and a certificate in order to prove your level of proficiency to any government agency or employer. Now is the time to start learning a new language! Join us here in Nuremberg, our teachers and advisors are awaiting you!