Private German lessons in Nuremberg – One on One tutoring A1 to C2

Private German lessons in Nuremberg

If you want to learn German, private lessons should be your first choice. This allows the teacher to focus on specific needs. Within a short period of time, you will make great strides toward conversing in German. Private German lessons in Nuremberg with experienced teachers. Private lessions, offered in levels A1-C2 (Beginner to advanced level).

Private German lessons in Nuremberg – One on One tutoring A1 to C2.

Private lessons on all levels

Here with us in Nuremberg, you can learn the German language up to any level you wish. If you are lacking prior experience with the language, the teacher will start you off with the basics. Should you already speak the language, the teacher will help you further optimize and elevate those language skills. In order for us to best assist you in making progress, we advise you to take the entry-level test. This test allows our teachers to design your lessons efficiently and effectively. The test is available online, as well in our school in Nuremberg.

Our Teachers Are the Assurance Of Your Success

First and foremost, when selecting our teachers, we pay attention to their qualifications. It is important to us that they be natives. But beyond possessing the necessary teaching qualifications, they must have a personality that is well-suited to teaching. Lessons are fun when you and the teacher share a mutual understanding. That is true for groups as well as private lessons.

You are flexible and independent

The greatest benefit of private lessons is your independence. An appointed session is agreed upon and teacher comes to your home. This way you can fine-tune the lessons in accordance with your individual needs. If you wish to take your time learning the language, you can schedule the sessions for once a week. But if you wish to take the fast-track, you can schedule more than one session per week.
Should you wish, you may also decide on the content of the lesson-plans.

One On One lessons – participation without risk

A language course is quite an investment. You should only take a course only when you have absolute confident in us. That’s why we offer a free trial lesson. Only when you convinced of the quality of our schooling, will you continue on in the course. Remember, there is a money guarantee. Only when you are content with the course, do you pay for it!

Our conditions, prices and enrollment

Private lessons in Nuremberg are more affordable than you think. The fees depend on the hours you book. The more lessons you book, the less expensive participation becomes:

  • Up to 19 lessons an hour costs € 42.
  • If you sign up formore than 20 lessons, you pay only € 40 an hour.
  • If 30 lessons or more are booked, the price drops to € 38 an hour.

Special savings: You can invite up to 2 friends. Since the course fee stays the same you pay only a third of the cost.

Begin a new life with a private course

With sound language knowledge you have many opportunities. Not only will you get to know the German people better, but many interesting prospects will open up for you. Last, but not least, a German course with our personable teachers is fun! And it is not just the German language, but the German culture, as well, that our teachers convey!