TELC-Exam For German In Nuremberg

TELC-Exam For German In Nuremburg

If you plan to enroll for a study at Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) in Erlangen-Nuremberg, you will need proof of appropriate language knowledge. This certificate needs to be internationally acknowledged. You can prepare yourself at the Sprachschule Ativ in Nuremberg for the TELC- Language Exam. The certificate is been recognized at the Universities. We will prepare you perfectly for the test. At the end, you will hold a certificate that allows you to enroll at the FAU. In addition to the test, we offer the corresponding preparation courses. Part of the course is a practice test including its assessment.

Preparation for all levels and in all languages:

Depending on your chosen study goal you will need – along with German – proof of proficiency in other languages. In our school you can take tests for levels A1 to C1. We provide lessons in German, English, Spanish, French, and many other languages.

When it comes to your test date, we are flexible. If – for some reason – you don’t like your test date, you can suggest one and we will try to accommodate.

For 399 € we will prepare you perfectly:

The course at the Sprachschule Aktiv in Nuremberg takes four weeks and costs €399. During this time you will train the language skills necessary for the oral and written exam. At the end of this training, you will take a practice test in accordance with the level of the real exam. The practice test will be corrected and given back to you. You and your language teacher will talk about the result. This way, you assess your current state of knowledge correctly and can determine a strategy for the exam. The course takes place from monday to thursday from 14:30 to 16:45 p.m.

Important note:

If you’ve already participated in a language course at the Sprachschule Aktiv in Nuremberg, or a preparatory test course, you’ll only be charged the “intern” fee.

The exam fees are due – at the latest – by enrollment. The fee for the course is due before the course begins.

If you should not be able to participate in the course due to an illness, you’ll only be charged an enrollment fee of €19 (pending a doctors note)

Enrollment requirements at the friedrich-alexander-university erlangen-nuremberg:

For the undergraduate study at the FAU you need proof of German language proficiency at the level of B2. The University also accepts certificates from private schools.

The required language proficiency level differs only between studies. Often required is a DSH-Exam at the level of C1 (DSH2).

If you already have one of the following certificates you are exempt from the dsh exam:

  • Telc Geran C1 College
  • Exam German as foreign language (Exam DaF). Level 4 is required.
  • Goethe Certificate C2: called “Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom” (GDS), with a minimum of 60 points in writing, reading, hearing comprehension, and speaking
  • German Part of an Assessment test at a Preparatory College in Germany
  • Central Exam of the Upper School of the Goethe-Institut
  • German Language Diploma Level II of the conference of the ministers of education and cultural affairs. Minimum of C1 level in all parts of the exam must have been reached.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often does the test preparation take place?

The course always takes place 2 weeks before the respective exam. In the first week we teach 3 days with 90 min each. In the second week there are 4 lessons. On the day before last, we conduct a preparatory test exam.

What does the test look like?

The exam consists of a written and oral part. In the written part you have to solve tasks from the areas of written expression, hearing, and reading comprehension. The test takes three and a half hours. In between is a 20 min break. The oral exam is conducted in a group with 2 or 3 participants.

What do i bring with me for the test?

You bring your passport or other form of ID and in addition a pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser.

Can i retake the test?

Yes, you can retake the test as often as you like.

I can´t make the test date, what can i do?

Send us your preferred date. There are a minimum of 3 participants required for the test. If that number is reached we can test on your date of choice.

What is the minimum number of participants?

For the course and the exam there are a minimum of 3 participants required.

How soon do I get my results?

You get your results generally within three weeks. If you wish we mail you your certificate.

What other costs are there?

The price for the course includes the course itself as well as the exam. There is only an additional €10 for costs of materials.