Free placement test – test your language skills with the online language tests for German and foreign languages

Do you learn some language and would you like to know how much progress you have already made? Use our free online placement tests. Take the language tests online from the comfort of your own home and find out what is your level of the particular language.

Free online language tests for German, Italian, English, Spanish and French

There was a time when you alredy learn some lanaguage and now you’re not really sure what is your level in this particular language? Well, this test is not mandatory but it’s very helpful in choosing right course for you. You can check your level completely for free and this way you will take classes which will really help you grow. You won’t be overwhelmed by a lot of new material or bored because teacher is going through something you already know.

As mentioned above you can take the test online on our website or if you would like to meet us personally and also ask about some advices you can also take this test in one of our schools!

The online language tests for the complete language level from A1 to C2

According to the European Framework of Reference for Languages, language proficiency is divided into six learning levels. Level A1.1 indicates the beginner status without any prior knowledge. Course A1.2 is attended by participants who have already received around 80 teaching units. At an advanced level, language learners move through levels B1 and B2 and can form complex sentence structures with a broad vocabulary. Of course, the tests are only available up to C1. If you have passed the C1.2 test, you are automatically at level C2 and are fluent in the language almost like a native speaker.

Placement test – how it works?

Test your language skills with our online placement test in the areas of vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. The oral expression cannot be checked online. The assessment of the written expression cannot be covered in the online test.
If you are unsure about your language skills, it is best to start the test series with A1.1. If you have answered 60 percent of the questions correctly, you can move on to the next test. Only when the result shows worse value than the stated percentage you know at which level you should continue learning and which language course is best for you. If you have any questions about the online language tests or the result, you can always contact our friendly staff.

The online placement test with immediate results

Once you have completed our online placement test, we will send you an email with the result. In this we will also give you information about which course level suits you as well as tips for optimizing your language skills.

Select the language you want and start the free placement test!