Recognition of diploma

Are you a nurse or working in the health care sector and looking for a job in Germany? To be able to work in your profession, it is necessary to have your diplomas recognized. Part of this recognition procedure is a language test at level B2. Without recognition, you may only work as a temporary worker in hospitals or the health care sector. To prepare for the exam, you can therefore attend a German course with a focus on nursing and health care.

How does the recognition process look like and how can you prepare for the subject-specific language exam?

IDeutschkurse in Augsburg Sprachschule Aktiv Augsburgn order to work as a nurse in a hospital or in the health care sector, you must present your diplomas that you acquired abroad as well as a B2 German language certificate. Please note that the authorities only accept a TELC or Goethe certificate. This certificate confirms that you acquired a sufficient level of proficiency in German that you need in order to be able to safely communicate with patients and other health care workers. Not to forget: the exams are subject to a fee – if you fail the exam, you will lose money. Please also expect to wait at least 3 weeks for the exam results.

More detailed information and all requirements of the Government of Swabia (in German: Regierung von Schwaben) for the recognition of foreign diploma can be found under the following link (German):

German B2 course for nurses and health care personnel at the language school AKTIV in Augsburg

The subject-specific German courses for nurses and health care personnel are tailor-made for the medical sector. Within the four classic areas (listening, writing, speaking and reading) you will deepen your vocabulary from the medical field and receive a compact specialist training in the field of nursing and health care. You will learn how to conduct patient consultations, fill out documents and pass the exam.

How do you assess your language level?

Are you not sure at what level your language skills are? Then you can easily and conveniently solve a language test at any level – from home and online.

Each level contains 20 vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure questions. You will receive the results immediately after the test has been solved. If you have solved 60% of the questions correctly, this level is passed, and you can start with the next level.

German for nurses and health care personnel

There are a variety of ways to prepare for an exam. Of course, you can prepare yourself alone. However, you can also take part in a German course for nurses and health care personnel.

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