Augsburg – 9 fascinating sights that you need to see

The city of Augsburg is located in Bavaria. I have heard already a lot about the beauty of this mini metropolis with its 286,374 inhabitants. It’s time to explore the city on my own. From Munich I only need about half an hour by train. After my arrival at the main station in Augsburg I only need a few minutes to disappear into the narrow streets of the Old Town.

1.   Augsburg and its Old Town

Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany. During a walk through the old town I admire the refined architecture. Different stylistic epochs shape the cityscape. The old city wall was built by the Romans. The medieval guild houses, the Cathedral of Augsburg (German: Dom Mariä Heimsuchung) – founded in the 11th century – and the Basilica of SS. Ulrich and Afra are impressive.

2.   Townhall of Augsburg and the Golden Hall

The golden hall in the townhall of Augsburg is particularly recommendable. The paintings and the varied gold ornaments date back to the Renaissance and bring you back in that time.

3.   Dazzling View from the Perlachturm

To gain an overview over Augsburg – in the truest sense of word – I climbed onto the Perlachturm. The tower is right next to the town hall. From up there I took a good look at the entire old town. A breathtaking panorama!

4.   The Fuggerei

Augsburg is known as ‘Fuggerstadt’. The rich merchant family Fugger has been living in Augsburg since 1367 and dramatically shaped the city. In 1521 they build the Fuggerei, the world’s oldest social housing complex still in use. For only 0.88 € per month, poor citizens could rent ‘apartments’ in the small, yellow houses. One of these apartments can be visited to get a better idea how people lived back then.

5.   The Botanic Garden – an Oasis in Augsburg

To sort out the vast amount of the day’s impressions, I treat myself to a little break. The botanical garden is the perfect place to relax. Over an area of 10 hectares more than 3,000 plant species show their splendor. The Augsburg residents visit their botanic garden for a picnic and in to leave their everyday stress behind.

6.   Language School ‚Sprachschule Aktiv Augsburg‘ – A Great Service

As I am interested in a language course and would like to improve my French, I visited the language school Sprachschule Aktiv Augsburg. This language school is centrally located in Färbergäßchen 6, 86150, and I was warmly welcomed by the owner. She was very helpful and conducted a free assessment test with me in order to identify my language level. Combined with her professional advice this practical approach helped me find the right course.

Sprachschule Aktiv Augsburg

7.    Lovely prepared snacks in the center

When I got hungry, I asked a local who recommended me a new, but very trendy restaurant in Augsburg’s Maximilianstr. 41 named ‘Picnic’. They live up to their motto ‘Made with love’ and the food tastes accordingly: hearty and with ingredients from the region.

8.   Exuberant Summer Nights

In the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant Picnic I met Anita. She grew up in Augsburg and strongly recommended me to return to Augsburg in summer, when the famous summer nights would take place. All around the town hall, various bands are then playing and people are celebrating and dancing on the streets.

9.   Augsburger Puppenkiste – A BIG Show with Little Puppets

Since I was a child, I am a big fan of the Augsburger Puppenkiste. Many of the puppet show’s performances have been shown on television. I could not wait to see the current show live. I felt like a little girl again and was completely thrilled by the nostalgic puppets. A wonderful experience for young and old folks. However, you should buy tickets early on.

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