Studying in Germany – German university system

How about applying to a German university?

Our University Placement Service

Studying in Germany – German university system. In Germany, most public universities charge no or only a small tuition fee compared with many other countries in the world. So it is attractive to study at these high-quality institutions but the admissions process in Germany is somewhat more difficult for foreign students than in many other countries.

Therefore, for those who want to come and study in one of Bavaria’s or other German states’ public universities but are not sure how to go about doing so, we offer our “University Admission Support Service”.

The service contains the following details and is included in our language tuition fees starting from a 6-month language course booking:

  • Initial university search according to individual study and location request (maximum number of universities:3)
  • Finding out about each university’s and state’s study requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate study (if you need help in writing academic essays, please contact our partner)
  • Informing students or their agents about necessary documentation and language requirements (German or English, please be advised to have at least a high TOEFL or IELTS qualification or a B1-level German qualification or higher on the time of application with a German university) for each course and university
  • Handling student’s documents within Germany and sending student’s documents to necessary authorities and universities
  • Functioning as the German postal address for student’s admission documents
  • Sending student’s original admission letters to their home countries

At the moment, the service and is included in our language tuition fees starting from a 6-month language course booking. To contract this service you just need to register for a 6-month (or longer) language course with us at the following website:

registration form

and in the field 4 for additional information you need to put:

“I would like to contract the university admission support service (Undergraduate OR Postgraduate Course, Academic Field of Choice, Date of Birth, Passport Number and Sex).”

We will then send you two invoices, one for 200 EUR as a non-refundable deposit for the university admission process and one for the remainder of the language course fee and a soft copy of a visa support letter from our language school. Once the 200 EUR non-refundable deposit is received by us, we will send you a hard copy of the visa support letter to your home country and we will start looking for a place in a German university. As soon as the admission in a university has been reached, we will send you the admission letter as well and we can advise you on your necessary finances for studying in Germany and the rest of the student visa. There is, however, no guarantee that we can get you a university admission letter and also no guarantee that with both a university admission letter and our course booking confirmation you get your entry visa to Germany. In the worst case, you stand to lose 200 EUR.

However, as soon as the embassy is about to issue your visa, you pay the remainder of the language school invoice and you come to study German and later at a German university.

If you are interested in this service, please register via the above website and contract our service just contact us:


Tel: 0049 8161 5373 001