Freising – Information about the city

Freising – A city of variety, worth the experience!

Freising with its population of roughly 46,000 and roughly about 30 minutes outside the Bavarian capital Munich, is an old and traditional southern German town. It is home to several long-standing episcopal schools and two universities and besides being a scientific and economic location, it is a cathedral and episcopal city as well as a centre of culture in the region north-east of Munich, Germany. At around 1500 years of age, Freising is the oldest town between Regensburg in Germany and Bolzano in Itally and as such it is an excellent address for the modern language and study tourism, not only because of its well-preserved, historic old town with its impressive town houses and many attractions but also due to its ideal location between city of Munich and Munich airport (only 15 minutes from Freising). Come yourself and get to know Freising, its spirit and its many beautiful and historical sites!

Here are some video impressions of the city and the old town, where our school is located:

Freising Video

Here are some pictures of Freising’s old town sights:

Freising main street - 320px
Freising’s main street

Kriegerdenkmal Freising - 320px
The Kriegerdenkmal district

Moosach River - 320px
The Moosach River in Freising

Freising Cathedral
Freising cathedral

Cultural town between Cathedral Hill and Munich airport

Freising is nearly 1500 years old and as such the oldest city between Bolzano in Italy and Regensburg in Germany. History and art history are reflected in the precious monuments mainly on Cathedral Hill and in the many testimonies of Freising’s museums and collections. Reading, teaching and learning have a special, long-standing clerical and non-clerical tradition in Freising. The “green” teaching and research in the Weihenstephan part of Freising with its two universities (Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and the agriculatural and biotechnological campus of Munich University of Technogoly, TUM), the wide range of schools, many libraries and educational institutions today give testimony.

In the Asam building across from the town’s main square, Marienplatz, you can find the City Museum, Asamtheater and the tourist information.

With many events throughout a year full of entertainment, Freising offers round with a wide range of cultural events, whether it is music, theater, dance, exhibition, reading or movies. The Office of Culture and Tourism of the city is active in coordinating these events and offers a variety of services – including a central ticket sales office – and itself acts as an organizer. A diverse range of programs of the Cultural Office and the City Youth Care is aimed specifically at young people, e.g. the in urban Lindenkeller concert and party location. Numerous clubs groups and individuals contribute to diverse and distinguished cultural life of the city.

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Here a selection of photos of our school

School building- 320px
The school building

Habana 320 - px
Our classroom “Habana”

Our classroom "Rio de Janeiro"
Our classroom “Rio de Janeiro”

School entrance Sprachschule Aktiv Freising - 320px
The entrance to our language school

Rio de Janeiro room
The small classroom “Venezia”

The hallway in our school