German Private courses in Stuttgart – Private lessons from A1 – C2

Deutsch Privatunterricht in Stuttgart

If you want to learn German fast and in the most effective way, your first choice should be a private course with Sprachschule Aktiv. The teacher can respond to your individual needs and helps you to improve your language skills. Within a short period of time you can make great improvements and you will be able to communicate in German in no time. German private lessons in Stuttgart with experienced teachers. Private lessons for the levels A1-C2 (beginners – advanced).

Private lessons for all levels

German private lessons In Stuttgart. You can learn all language levels of the German language at our school in Stuttgart. If you do not know any German, the teacher will start with the foundations of the German language.
If you already know German on an intermediate or advanced level, our teachers will help you perfect your German skills.

Ideally, you should take a placement test before your first lesson. You can take the placement test online on our homepage or in school. This placement test will help our teachers design your lessons individually. This way you lose little time and make even faster progress.

Our teachers are the guarantors of your success

When selecting German teachers, we first of all pay attention to qualifications, of course. It is important to us that they are native speakers. In addition, they must have a pedagogical qualification. But that’s not all: we also pay attention to the personality of the teachers. Lessons are only fun if you get along with the teacher. This applies to group lessons as well as private lessons.

You are independent and flexible in terms of time

The biggest advantage of private lessons is your flexibility. The teachers come to your home or the lessons can take place at our school. You agree on the lesson times with the teacher. This allows you to tailor the lessons to your personal needs. If you want to take your time learning the language, you can have lessons only once a week for example. If you want to make progress in a shorter time, you can meet with the teachers more often. You can even have a say in the content of the lessons.

Private lessons – participation without risk

A language course is not an insignificant investment. Therefore, you should not participate in a course until you are completely convinced. For this reason we offer you a free trial lesson. Only when you are completely convinced of the quality of the lessons, you continue the course. We also give you a money-back guarantee. Only if you are satisfied with the course after the first lesson, you pay for the lessons.

Our conditions, prices, registration

Private lessons in Stuttgart are cheaper than you think. The cost depends on the hours you take. The more lessons you book, the cheaper the price:

  • From 10 teaching units: 48 Euro per unit
  • From 20 teaching units: 45 Euro per unit
  • From 50 teaching units: 40 Euro per unit
  • From 80 teaching units: 38 Euro per unit

Start a new life now with a private course

With a sound knowledge of the language, many opportunities are open to you. Not only will you get to know the people in Germany better, but you will also open up many interesting perspectives fro yourself. Last but not least, a German course with our friendly language teachers is fun. In addition to learning the German language, our language teachers will also teach you about German culture.